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Madness Day '09

2009-09-22 03:27:43 by volt-light

Happy days.


2009-08-01 10:27:03 by volt-light

Haven't been that active in uploads recently, been hooked on making weapons for CSS, I'll post a link for my TAR-21 when I've finished the w_model. I've got back into flash recently, and I am working on a suprise tutorial, nothing to do with madness, but it will teach you how to make something fun.

I uploaded a new song in the audio portal, check it out!


Remy&Max's reviews

2009-04-08 10:41:28 by volt-light

Check it out

They've got some sweet reviews.

MAT: Tweening

2009-02-25 17:49:14 by volt-light

The Madness Animation Tutorials back with more tweens than ever before!

Pumpkin pies.

2009-02-21 09:36:02 by volt-light

I have released Pumpkin pies, enjoy.

Some reason people are asking me why I called it an AMV, Animated Music Video, that's why.

Test animations

2008-10-08 12:17:37 by volt-light

Made these a few weeks ago.

Guy killing 3 dudes
Slomotion zombie kill


2008-08-16 09:42:38 by volt-light

Madness character tutorial is done.

Good news

2008-06-27 13:53:13 by volt-light

I found an old version of MU and uploaded it to newgrounds!

Also, i don't know why, but i can't animate very well with my new style of madness.

Guess what...

2008-06-22 09:01:13 by volt-light

I lost madness unknown.

But don't worry! I'm thinking of remaking it with my new style.

Guess what...

No progress

2008-02-24 16:14:43 by volt-light

Haven't gotten any progress on MU lately...

I've been practising.

Why not take a peak at one of the tests i've done?

http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/200208 /79946_jebus_kill.php

http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/240208 /76582_shotgun_animation.php

BTW, It isn't a spas-12, it's an aimgaurd/marinegaurd http://world.guns.ru/shotgun/sh37-e.ht m

It pumps forward, then back, so don't bother correcting me.